Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wednesdays in August

It's time to reserve your spots for Wednesday evenings at the Doubleton Club. Regular games don't require signups, but are much appreciated and help us organize the game so we are able to start on time. If you want a special table or direction, reservations are advised. The game schedule for this month is:
North American Pairs - What's Next? If you want to check your qualification status, a list of qualifiers at our three games is posted here. Next is the Unit qualifier. Our unit is holding a two-session qualifying event on Sunday, October 6th. The first session starts at 1:00 p.m. The second session is TBD (probably about 5:40 p.m.) Information on the District level qualifying events can be found here.


    Reserve (or cancel) your spot: Doubleton Club Reservation Sheet


    There are two ways to verify your reservation.  Click on the link under "Check the Signup Sheet" in the right-hand menu or click on the "Automagic List" link. The first shows only the upcoming game and is updated once a day. The second list updates automatically, although it does take a minute or two, and it includes future weeks, not just the current week. Note that the Automagic List does not include the standing reserved list.

    Are you looking for a partner for an upcoming Doubleton Club game? Try our partner request formYour request will not be visible to anyone but Lori and Sue.  We will try to set you up with the most compatible person possible. The more advanced notice we get, the more likely we are to be able to find a partner.


    • Open Section: Marolyn Imaoka-Yancey and David Wheeler - 68.18%
    • 499ers: Reddy Raju and Dan Thatte - 74.39% Wow!


    "The August 8th game broke a record for director calls. I quit counting after the 12th call in the first three rounds."

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