Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesdays in March

It's time to reserve your spots for Wednesday evenings at the Doubleton Club. Regular games don't require signups, but if you want a special table or direction, reservations are advised. The game schedule for this month is:
  • March 6 - Regular game
  • March 13 - Regular game
  • March 20 - Regular game
  • March 27 - Club Championship - SIGNUP Required!!


    February's High Scores

    • Open Section: Bob Sanner and Ron Powell - 68.92%
    • 499ers: Carl Baeuerlen and Jim Hulseman - 67.61%

    Heard at the Bridge Table

    Director to slow pair: "Score it quickly and move to the next table."
    Player: "It's not our fault. We started this round late." Of course, they started late because they finished the preceding round late, too. :-)

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