Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wednesdays in April

It's time to reserve your spots for Wednesday evenings at the Doubleton Club. Regular games don't require signups, but if you want a special table or direction, reservations are advised. The game schedule for this month is:
  • April 3 - Regular game
  • April 10 - Regular game
  • April 17 - Regular game
  • April 24 - Regular game
NEW! You can verify your reservation by clicking on the link under "Check the Signup Sheet" in the right-hand menu. Note that this page lists only the upcoming game reservations and it is updated only once a day.



    • Open Section: Helen Chang and Eugene Hung - 66.90%
    • 499ers: Reddy Raju and Dan Thatte - 71.90%

    Additional 70% + Games

    • 499ers: Hedi Fejerne and Devesh Goyal - 70.71%


    Defender to Opening Leader: "Why didn't you lead a club? If you had, we would have set the contract!"
    Opening Leader: "You're right. Unfortunately, someone painted the backs of the cards in this deck. I couldn't see who had what."

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