Monday, April 8, 2013

Reminder: Score Correction Policy

There's been a rash of late score corrections recently, so it's time to remind everyone of the score correction policy for Doubleton Club games.
  1. Barring extenuating circumstances, score corrections are only accepted during the 24-hour time period following the posting of game results. Score corrections submitted after Thursday, 10:30 p.m., will not be accepted. Check your scores after the game. Mistakes happen.
  2. If pairs leave the bridge center without submitting the final score(s) at their table, both the North-South and East-West pairs involved will receive zero matchpoints for those missing scores. This is not the same as a pass out, a no play, or an average on those boards. It's a bad thing! You don't want this to happen. Like a score correction, pairs have the same 24-hour period to submit the actual results to the directors. This is your responsibility. We will not be contacting you for these scores.
Any questions? Please see Sue or Lori.

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